Official entry for the Trader Joes Ice Cream Sandwich Contest!! THE CHOCOLATE BANANA NUT ICE CREAM SANDWICH This Ice Cream Sandwich is a Laceys Cookie with vanilla banana nut ice cream, with chocolate chips coating the outside!! Deliciousness!! INGREDIENTS:
-Vanilla Ice Cream -Savory Banana & Nuts (bananas, cashews, pecans) -Laceys Cookies (milk chocolate macadamia nut) -Chocolate Chips INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Take out your vanilla ice cream, and put into a stainless bowl. 2. Chop the Savory Banana & Nuts finely, and add them into the ice cream. 3. Mash together and freeze for 45min-1hr. 4. Take out of the freezer, and scoop ice cream onto a Laceys Cookie. 5. Stack another Laceys Cookie on top of the ice cream. 6. Coat the outside of the ice cream sandwich with chocolate chips. 7. Let freeze for around 1 hour longer and they should be solid and not melt as much. 8. ENJOY THE DELICIOUSNESS! #tjsicecreamsandwichcontest